spring, in an upstairs room

Recent studies on the health benefits of surrounding oneself with greenery, and the strong presence of plant aesthetics in interior trends, have sparked a revival of indoor growing. I am interested in how caring for indoor plants can influence ecocritical thought and foster possible solutions for the correction of the contemporary environmental situation. In 2015 I began experimenting with clay to hold my growing collection of houseplants. The basics of ceramics are grasped from learning through online videos and blogs and the planters are the first outcomes of this self-teaching process.  Organic forms materialise through the handbuilding technique of pinching and seems to imitate exoskeleton when botanic life extend from the structures.  By incorporating plant life into the finished pieces an element of care is central to the maintenance of the artworks. The plant's requirements such as watering, temperature, humidity and light levels have to be considered at all times, thereby imposing a mutualistic relationship between artwork and custodian. 

Exhibition curated by Hannah Valentine.